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Reliably easy
The RacioClAir® SBR technique works without any pump. It is simple and brilliant. The process is based on the principle of the SBR air-lift. It uses only compressed air for the movement and the purification of the water. Your advantage: Inside the tank are no movable or electrical parts which can cause failures - nothing clogs, nothing wears.

Durable dense
RacioClAir® tanks are produced seamless as one part of highly resistant polyethylene. Compared with concrete they are absolute dense after several decades. The combination with the air-powered SBR-technique reveals a highly efficient system for the ecofriendly and economic purification of municipal wastewater.

Durable with low lifecycle costs
RacioClAir® SBR wastewater plants fulfill highest quality standards. They stand for safety and durability. We offer a 25 years material warranty on all components made from PE and a 2 years warranty on the purification technology. Furthermore you save lifecycle- and maintenance costs which are usual by other processes. RacioClAir® wastewater plants have a standard power failure alarm. They must be maintained only two times a year.

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Your advantages
Preinstalled complete system
Easy assembly and quick commissioning
Durable dense PE-tank
Certification by Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt) for effluent classes “C” and “D”
Reliable technique with low energy consumption
Best operational reliability, no movable or electrical parts in the wastewater

simple assembly
Compared with usual concrete tanks the RacioClAir® tank can be installed quick, plain and simple - ideal for personal contribution.
Low energy consumption
The energy consumption of a RacioClAir® 4 amounts to only 0,18 kWh/PT per day. This is less energy than several other small wastewater plants need (e.g. trickling filter plants or packed bed plants). Even a 9 W - energy saving lamp need more energy than the RacioClAir® 4.
Important hints for assembly:
For assembling the tank in areas with steadily or temporarily upcoming groundwater, backwater or water layers resp. cohesive soils (e.g. loamy soil) or circulation area special installation measures must be taken. Please regard the assembly instructions, which is enclosed to each tank or ask Your specialist dealer.