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The RacioClAir®
SBR purification technique
1. Intake of wastewater
2. Pre-purification
3. SBR-Chamber
4. Switch board with control panel and compressor
5. SBR-Unit with air-lift-pump
6. Membrane-tube aerator
7. Dividing wall and stabilizer
8. Sample-taking
9. Effluent of purified water
Efficient purifying technology reduced to the essentials - fine for the environment - fine for Your moneybag
The switchboard
Pre-installed with magnetic valves and SBR control unit
Reliable, low-vibration compressor (80 W)
Electrical and mechanical parts with 2 year warranty
Power failure alarm as standard
Easy to maintain
High-quality PE housing for outside

The tank
Seamless produced as one part without any weldseam
Durable dense and absolutely wastewater resistant
Pre-installed SBR-Technology for easy commissioning
25 year material warranty on components made from PE
Easy transport and simple assembly due to low weight
Ecofriendly and 100% recyclable (Tank material: Polyethylene)

We offer a 25 years material warranty on all RacioClAir® purification tanks and all other components made of PE. Requirement for the warranty claim are the appropriate handling and the assembly according to the applicable regulations and our assembly instructions. In case we accept a defect we grant material replacement within the warranty period.
Additionally goods and services for assembly etc. are excluded. The warranty or two years for the RacioClAir® purification technology contains the durability of all electrical and mechanical components. Excluded of all warranty are damages caused by inappropriate use, deficient assembly or maintenance.